At Elewus, we live
what we offer.

We are a global network of purpose-driven, high-energy entrepreneurs, trainers and change catalysts with diverse corporate expertise. In our network of teams, we practice the new futureFIT ways of working on a daily basis.

We view every challenge from a growth mindset perspective.


We see the big picture

We are constantly evolving

We empower each other to be at our best

We are uplifting

We open up possibilities

We have the best and the most holistic Future of Work
talent available globally.

We form networks based on our clients’ and projects’ needs as we operate in a self-management model, where each team member is empowered to be creative and to bring out their best.

We are not just working on projects – we engage with our hearts and with a passion to accelerate human transformation in businesses. We are talented and experienced when it comes to creating a safe space for the new and the amazing to emerge.

We elevate our clients to become sustainably successful and achieve beyond-the-profits results.

siiri musten

Siiri Mall Musten

Siiri is CEO & Founder of the Future of Work consulting start-up Elewus GmbH and an Impact Investor based in Switzerland.

Timm Urschinger

Timm is a Co-Founder and change catalyst at a Teal-based consultancy LIVEsciences AG. Timm has 10+ years of experience across the value chain in Pharma, especially Clinical and in Project & Organizational Change Management (OCM).

Navin Pillay

Navin is a Co-Founder of Holia GmbH Consulting based in Berlin. He has spent the last 25 years working in corporations around the world in diverse fields and cultures from aerospace engineering to project leadership, training and consultancy.

Dr. Jan Bellermann

Jan is a Co-Founder of the Conscious Leadership Academy, an international keynote speaker, and a trainer and coach for conscious culture and leadership.

Soledad Piñero Misa

Soledad is Founder of a multiple award-winning social enterprise Retoy in Sweden and the consultancy Part of More. She is focusing on projects that lead to progressive systemic change in the areas of diversity & inclusion, sustainability, increased climate justice and refugee rights.

David Engle

David is the Founder of LEAD21 and a medical device start-up FlowTech Medical. He is mentoring and coaching leadership teams in their work to find their unique organizational form based on the paradigms of purpose, a network of teams and transparency.

Andrew Fayad

Andrew is a Co-Founder and the CEO of ELM, an innovative online learning company based in New York. His entrepreneurial career has largely focused on building technology companies that are pioneering innovation in established industries.

Leadership Management International®

ELEWUS is an authorized partner of Leadership Management International® (LMI). LMI is a global leadership training company, which has been instilling the value of authentic leadership for over 60 years. Its operational network spans over 80 countries.

What does ELEWUS mean?

Elewus comes from the English word “to elevate.”

Our core business is to elevate your leadership capabilities and uplift your organization to new heights in terms of mindset, energy, creativity, and tangible results.

It’s about opening up new possibilities and expansion. We make positive impact and change happen in the spirit of co-creation and fun. In Estonian, originally “elewus” means “excitement and joy.”

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