ÖÖD is a mini mirror house designed for sustainable living. The tiny ÖÖD houses can be found as a Bora Bora style resort in Finland, unique nature experience in Iceland or a beach house in Ghana. Besides living, ÖÖD has attracted purpose-driven entrepreneurs around the world – be it a hotel, café, restaurant, boutique, office, seminar room, gym or a pop-up store. The possibilities are endless!

ÖÖD comes in two sizes and features Nordic minimalism at its purest form, accommodating a kitchenette, a bathroom, a living space and sleeping quarter, while still feeling airy and spacious. ÖÖD can be seamlessly integrated into nature, it is easily movable and relocatable. The prefabricated house is shipped turnkey as well as flat-packed – it can be popped up anywhere.

ÖÖD inspires people to live the dream of a stress-free life and celebrate the beauty of any natural landscape through a game of reflection. One ÖÖD at a time we can make a huge impact.

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ELEWUS is an authorized sales agent of ÖÖD in Switzerland.

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