What is FutureFIT Leadership Coaching?

FutureFIT 1:1 coaching is an effective way to accompany any leadership development program, trigger mindset shift, and sustainable performance. Our approach to coaching is neuroscience-based and whole. We empower leaders to integrate new ways of self-leadership, agile ways of working, and deliver results with self-managed teams. 

We will ask the right questions and offer new perspectives. We explore creative ways together to make sustainable changes in the mindset and habits happen.

We coach leaders to fulfill their own potential and to empower others. In the futureFIT organizations, there will be no more employees, only leaders.

The common personal values and purpose, in turn, define organizational culture and unspoken ways of working. This organizational “mindset” in turn delivers the overall business results and impact in the world. If your company is on a mission to achieve sustainable, beyond-profit impact to your stakeholders and the world – start by FutureFIT Leadership Coaching – one leader at a time.

“Coaching has a systemic ripple effect: the interventions do not only develop transformational personal leadership but also empower the teams, clients and other stakeholders who interact with the coachee.” 

Sean O’Connor PhD, Michael Cavanagh PhD, Coaching Psychology Unit, Sydney University and Harvard Medical School, Institute of Coaching

What Kind of Coaching Approaches Are the Best?

Over the last decade, the number of new coaching models, companies and individuals offering coaching services has been booming. It is not easy to decide anymore as a client or a coaching professional, which approach to choose. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets down guidelines for processes and ways of behaving but gives no guidelines as to methodology. Coaching methodologies seem to fall into process models and technique models with some going some way bridging the gap. Most classical executive coaching methodologies are focused on the mind intelligence, whereas the new leadership coaching approaches are more holistic and integral.

Elewus coaching sessions are based on a solid Neuroscience based, or in other words Neuroleadership approach. This combined with a systemic view and the universal human needs, provides a complete view of human behaviour that links physical drives to psychological drives and cognitive functions. These all serve human survival after all and survival is the driver of human behaviour: the complexity of the nervous system predicting the complexity and variability of behaviour. Understanding how our brain biology works, helps us to consciously lead our biology, instead of being a victim to it.

  • How do you create a sustainably successful and meaningful work life?
  • How do you create fulfilling personal relationships?
  • Most importantly, how do you develop a healthy and authentic relationship with yourself – your past, your future, your areas of growth, and your talents?

These are the key challenges in leading an extraordinary life, and Generative Coaching offers a way to sustainably succeed at them.

Not only, Generative Change means creating something beyond what has ever existed, whether in personal or professional life – opening up new possibilities. It is about an integral contextual shift that allows new levels of personal mastery. Generative Coaching assumes that reality is constructed and that this creative process can be mindfully engaged for positive outcomes. To do this, a person’s state of consciousness is the difference that makes the difference: the outcomes a person produces are only as good as their inner state.

In our coaching sessions, the focus is on the WHO and the being; which in turn will trigger the changes in the WHAT (goals, challenges etc) and doing, acting upon it.

Each Generative Coaching session starts with entering a safe, generative state of mind. A generative mindset is needed to live a fulfilled life, to live out your authentic self and purpose. The sessions then focus on how to sustain these states in dealing with whatever challenges arise on a creative journey, so that new and even more impactful results can occur.

We use blended coaching exercises such as introspection, self-reflection, mirroring, changing perspectives, systemic thinking, walking on the life timeline, etc – just to mention a few. Expect to be actively engaged from the first session!

Finally, we complement our coaching sessions with the latest technology on mindset change. For example, the Muse headband uses EEG to give feedback on resilience and concentration ability based on the brainwaves’ movements. It measures the ability to balance our mind and self-reflect.

What Kind of Coaching Results Can I Expect?

We usually recommend a coaching program of at least 3 weekly sessions. This is not, because we want to “sell more”. It is because our coaches, just like you want to make real change happen and deliver meaningful and impactful results. Research says that it takes  21 – 90 days of daily effort to integrate new habits of thinking and behavior.

  • 75% experience a switch from ego and ambition-driven towards purpose-driven leadership
  • 90% experience a boost of energy, increased wellbeing and the capability to do 2-3 times more in a sustainable way
  • 95% develop an ability to master and transform any internal and external conditioning
  • 90% experience more creativity and new ideas
  • 90% have more stakeholder impact and deliver beyond-the-profit results

“An organization cannot grow beyond its leaders personal growth”.

Who Are Elewus Leadership Coaches?

All Elewus global network coaches have spent 10+ years on vertical development – personal growth is our passion:

  • we view every challenge from a new perspective
  • our team simply goes deeper
  • we live what we offer

We understand your business challenges. Our coaches have many years of cross-functional leadership experience from global corporates. Many of us are also entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of successful start-ups. Depending on your purpose and goals, you can choose a coach who has the best talents to support you with your personal growth.

Get to know our coaches here.

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