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What Is FutureFIT Organizational Design?

We believe that in futureFIT organizations, there will be no employees – only leaders. This means that organizations are moving towards self-management-based roles and structures.

Such structures are built upon the universal human drivers such as purpose, autonomy and mastery. In parallel, self-management based structures allow us to react to our constantly changing

BANI world and enable sustainable growth.  These responsive organizations are designed in self-managed circles who can anticipate and respond to any internal and external changes such as customer needs, new technologies, global economy etc. The jobs are no longer based on rigid job descriptions but flexible roles, based on real business and personal growth needs. FutureFIT organizations have a culture based on high psychological safety, where being authentic, learning and “failing forward” are part of the DNA. Some of the evolving new organizational design models include: flat, flatter, flatarchies, Holocracy, Sociocracy. There are also plenty of new business models evolving around self-managed structures, such as Teal, Humanocracy, Conscious Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism etc. The core principles of futureFIT organizations are:

  1. Corporate Purpose
  2. Self-Management Based Design
  3. Evolutionary Operating Modus – constant learning & adapting
  4. Connectedness – across the eco-system.

We recommend each organization to develop their futureFIT organizational model and design based on their unique corporate purpose and strategy. 

How To Become a FutureFIT Organization?

Our organizational transformation projects start with careful listening and dialogue. Many clients love to first get inspired by a Future of Work Workshop, before they decide on their own purpose, scope and journey towards a high-performing human-centred organization. Be it an inspirational workshop or a full-blown project, Elewus can support with the following:

  • Future of Work Workshop. You will learn about the latest future of work trends, organizational design and leadership models as well as from the lessons learned from pioneers in your industry. Download the Future of Work Workshop Outline below.
  • Evolutionary Purpose and Purpose-Based Strategy Design
  • Deep Dive Into FutureFIT Business: Teal, Humanocracy, Holocracy, Sociocracy 3.0, Conscious Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism etc.
  • New Ways of Collaborating, Communications and Decision Making
  • Organizational Culture & Energy
  • Agile Technology Solutions: Human-Centred Digital Transformation
  • Change & Transition Management

Does Investing Into a Human-Centred Organizational Transformation Pay Off?

For leaders who currently work for traditional hierarchical corporates, the futureFIT design principals can seem like an utopia. Not to mention the huge change effort. At the same time, there are thousands of purpose-driven, human-centered and self-management based companies globally who have already gone through this transformation. Most successful start-ups as they grow have decided for agile self-management organizational models.

Research shows that human-centered companies significantly outperform traditional corporates, especially at a time of crisis.

  • Only 11% of the hierarchical companies that made up the Fortune 500 in 1955 are still on the list today, Gary Hamel, Michel Zanini, Humanocracy, 2020
  • Removing the bureaucratic deadweight in the OECD economy and instead have management levels re-focus on the productive and innovative activities, would increase the GDP output by 10 USD trillion, Gary Hamel, Michel Zanini, Humanocracy, 2020
  • Purpose-driven companies generate 17 % higher financial results. IMD-CSM study “Corporate Purpose Impact”, 2010
  • Purposeful, value-driven companies outperform their counterparts in stock price by a factor of 12. John Kotter and James Heskett, Harvard Business School, Corporate Culture and Performance, 2011
  • Conscious Capitalism oriented companies such as Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, Barry-Wehmiller, Patagonia, IKEA analysed from 1996 to 2011 outperformed the S&P 500 index by a factor of 10.5. Raj Sisodia, Firms of Endearment, 2014
  • Companies with high levels of self-leadership grow 4 times faster. Cornell University, Jed DeVaro, 2006
  • As an example, Buurtzorg, a Dutch self-managed health services provider outperforms its competitors by 30% higher client satisfaction, 50% less employee turnover and 67% less central overhead costs. If Buurtzorg was to provide all home care in the Netherlands, the Dutch economy would save EUR2 billion a year. Stefan Crirkovic, Center for Public Impact Case Study, 2018
  • Frontify, among other globally successful technology start-ups applies a truly human-centerd, high autonomy, high responsibility working culture – has risen investments of  >20mln USD and has employed 200+ global talents, while continuing to rapidly grow.

In the end, can everything be measured in profit?

How about the added value the new humanized business practices create to our talents, customers, and all of the stakeholders? How about the human lives and the environment we will positively impact for the generations to come? Imagine that profit is like blood flow in the human body, which we need for survival, but it is not the purpose of our life.

“Purpose is not the sole pursuit of profits but the animating force for achieving them. As wealth shifts and investing preferences change, environmental, social, and governance issues will be increasingly material to corporate valuations.” (Letter to CEOs entitled Purpose & Profit, Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink, 2019)

What Are the Benefits of FutureFIT Organizations?

Our clients are appreciating the following benefits of the organizational transformation projects:

  • Energizing purpose – great internal and external alignment
  • 30% increase in organizational energy and performance
  • 50% increase in talent engagement and retention
  • 50% increase in customer attraction and retention
  • 50% more innovative ideas sourced from the eco-system of stakeholders

Now, it’s time to design your organization truly purpose-driven, human, agile and fun!

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