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What Does FutureFIT Leadership Mean?

For us, being “future-fit” means as a leader being in an integrated mental, emotional and physical state, such that you can respond to any upcoming business and life challenges with ease, resilience and creativity.

In other words, you are in the best state of you.

Because future-fit leaders have a clear purpose and live a fulfilled life, they naturally empower and bring out the best in others. Not only, they are systemic thinkers and consider the whole eco-system of talents, clients, partners and the environment in their daily actions.

What Makes FutureFIT Leadership Training So Impactful?

We have a truly unique approach, when it comes to leadership development:

  • our courses are focused on the number one success factor of futureFIT leaders – self-leadership.
  • our approach and content is inspired by the practical insights of Neuroscience and Integral Psychology – bridging the most effective vertical development approaches from the east and west.
  • our workshops and trainings are delivered in an experimental, highly interactive learning lab setting, using blended learning approaches and equipped with the latest technology.
  • our courses are intensive with practical exercises in between every module. Thus, the optimal size of the groups is limited to 18.
  • we focus on tangible, yet purposeful goals and results.

Which Leadership Training Program Fits the Best?

Our leadership courses can be offered as a separate module or fully integrated into your corporate leadership development programWe have worked with global corporations as well as SMEs to co-design a program based on your business needs and goals. Our Self-Leadership Learning Journey fits perfectly as a standalone module to your overall program.  Let’s talk!

We also offer open programs for any leaders who prioritize their personal and professional growth.

Our upcoming courses:

  • FutureFIT Self-Leadership. The purpose of this 7 weeks learning journey is to accelerate a leader’s personal growth and to become a sustainably high-performing, purpose-driven leader. Download our signature program outline below.
  • Neuroleadership. In this course you will learn based on the latest Neuroscience discoveries how our brain works, its potential and how to consciously lead oneself, instead of being a victim to one’s brain chemicals, emotions, and survival instincts.
  • Sustainable High Performance. Learn the secrets and productivity hacks of sustainably high-performing futureFIT leaders. How to thrive in high responsibility, high autonomy environment? How to check out each evening being fulfilled, without sacrificing one’s well-being and waking up with enthusiasm the next morning? Download the Sustainable High-Performance Wheel here, to learn more.
  • Empowering Team. Learn the agile practices of empowering leaders: establishing psychological safety, collaboration rituals, decision making, handling tensions and conflicts, stakeholder orientation, and creating win-win-win solutions. Let your team have a truly purpose-driven impact in the world.
  • Discover & Evolve My Purpose. This course introduces you to a unique 6 steps process on how to find or re-calibrate your personal evolutionary purpose. We will go deep and challenge your past conditioning and find out what authentically drives you, what is your unique contribution to the world. Tip: join the workshop with the whole team and develop a team purpose as a result of the workshop.

Just watch out for the next dates and join us! Contact us to receive the detailed course outlines.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Our course participants have experienced the following BENEFITS: 

  • More awareness of internal and external performance blocks and enablers
  • 90% more energy and the capability to do more in a sustainable and fulfilling way
  • Up to 300% exceeding personal and business goals based on authentic strengths and talents
  • Up to 300% increased creativity and number of new ideas
  • A clear purpose, clarity and ease of prioritization

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