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6 Organizational Flow State Enablers

Now after having investigated what can trigger flow in individuals (link to blog post 3), let’s take a look at how organizations can create environments in which a collective of thousands of people can achieve states of flow, together. Organizational high performance flow derives from the synergy when many purpose-driven and in-flow talents come together…

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Sustainable High Performance – How to Get Into the Flow?

In our previous blog The Science of the Flow State Performance,  we explored the history and science of flow state. Now let’s put the science into practice. How do I get myself into a flow state to foster high performance? Is this something that only happens for 10 minutes or can we enter extended flow…

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The Science of the Flow State Performance

We are all looking for a flow state for effortless high performance. There are numerous approaches out there promising to trigger flow in you or in your team. Yet, it seems a rare state to be achieved and sustained. Let’s start with the basics. Is flow another hype, an esoteric experience or does it really…

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Why Exercising is So Important For Our Brain Performance & Creativity?

During my corporate career, I often “broke the rules” and left for a fitness break in the afternoon. Without knowing the science behind it, it just felt good, right and I was triple productive when returning to the desk. Now as I’m living an entrepreneurial life, I consciously make breaks after every 60-90 min of…

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